Police Chase and Taser Teen Accused of Threatening to Shoot Teacher

Michigan Police arrested an 18-year-old suspended student, Eric Knox, on January 26, after he was accused of threatening a teacher and a student at Jackson County school.

Knox was said to have threatened the teacher after being stopped while going from room to room in search of someone.

Police said that they found a loaded revolver in the backpack of the student, who had been suspended for threatening another student.

Police found Knox leaving the school. They said that they tried, unsuccessfully, to use a stun gun on Knox, who broke free and led the police on a chase. Knox was successfully subdued using a stun gun outside a gas station.

The morning of the incident, a female student said that Knox had sent her a video message in which he threatened her and blamed her for her brother going to jail. Knox was remanded in custody awaiting a hearing in March. Credit: Jackson County Sheriff via Storyful