Ravi Shankar 1920-2012: 'my mission' for Indian music

The celebrated musician who introduced traditional Indian music to Western audiences, Ravi Shankar, has died at home in California aged 92 after a long illness.

The three-time Grammy winner brought his instrument the sitar to global attention.

The composer inspired The Beatles and played at some legendary festivals in the 1960s, such as the 1967 Monterey Festival and at Woodstock two years later.

“What I have been able to do was only to popularise and make our music understood and appreciated in a proper manner. That has been my mission and I feel very happy that almost I have completed that,” he said in 2009.

Shankar’s work with George Harrison made him a hippy musical icon, and he played with the Rolling Stones.

He also influenced classical music – working with violinist Yehudi Menuhin and writing concertos for renowned orchestras – and was seen as a bridge between East and West.

His daughters Anoushka and singer Norah Jones have also achieved musical success.