Royal baby betting bonanza breaks out in broke Britain

It’s a royal baby betting bonanza as Brits head down the bookies to place some bread on the name of Kate and Wills’ first born.

As the Duchess of Cambridge recovers from acute morning sickness turf accountants are making a hefty profit out of the name game.

Rupert Adams is from bookmakers William Hill:

George, Victoria, Elizabeth, those types of names, royal names are going down really well, they are about 10 to 12/1. Obviously we are also betting on some fairly strange names too. We have names like Chardonnay at 1000/1 and that is currently our worst result. I think we will have to pay out around 100,000 if they call their child Chardonnay.”

Punters are also putting a few quid on the baby’s weight and hair colour as well as time and type of birth.

Rupert Adams, again:

“Too posh to push which is my personal favourite is will she have a natural birth or a C-section. We think she is a people’s princess, we think she will try and do what everyone else does. So we have odds on at 8/11 that she has a natural birth rather than a C-section which is even money.”

It is hard to say weather the betting frenzy will continue for the whole nine month gestation period, but if it does it will be boom time for British bookmakers.