Watch as sheep take over the streets of Madrid

Out of the paddock- and into the city.

The streets of Madrid were filled with sheep on Sunday (October 24) as shepherds guided their flocks through the heart of the Spanish capital, following ancient seasonal herding routes.

"I didn't realise that we were going to be so close to them. I thought there would maybe be more space. I have seen people touching them, I have seen people pat them. I didn't realise that we were going to be right here".

The annual event, which started in 1994, allows shepherds to exercise their right to use traditional routes to herd their livestock from northern Spain to more southerly pastures for winter grazing.

Shepherd Miguel Gonzalez, has worked almost his entire life with the animals and said he was proud to support the traditional migration.

"We are reclaiming the Royal cattle routes that are old paths that were used to take cattle across Spain.'' he said, clad in traditional dress.

The route would have taken them through quiet countryside a few centuries ago, but today sees them traverse through the bustling city.

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