Where do the world's richest people live?

There is a short answer to the question, “where the world’s richest people live?” The answer is simple. Anywhere they like.

Nowadays however with so many wealthy individuals dotted around the globe there’s a new list to separate the have from the have some mores.

New York, or more specifically Manhattan, remains among the popular choices but the escalating number of nouveaux riche from the east are tipping the balance.

According to London based wealth consultancy Wealth Insight, Tokyo contains the most millionaires. But a peek across to the billionaires’ list sees the Big Apple come up top again with 70 extremely fat cats compared to Moscow’s 64.

Strangely perhaps, the Russian capital is ranked 20th for millionaires and absent from the top 20 cities for multi-millionaires.

But China is the country to watch according to the Wealth Insight. The firm predicts it will overtake Japan and Germany to become the world’s second largest wealth market by 2020.