Viewers blast Loose Women for inviting Nigel Farage on as a guest

Loose Women is known as a show that often generates debate or polarises people, but today’s episode both annoyed and disturbed viewers when Nigel Farage showed up.

Invited on a a guest, the former UKIP leader, 54, was promised to receive a grilling from the panel – notably Janet Street Porter who has has run-ins with him in the past.


But the interview ended up being nothing more than a friendly encounter that didn’t ask him any tough or awkward questions, such as a the anti-immigration stance he’s associated with, his ties to rightwing America, and having recently addressed a Far-Right rally in Germany.

Instead, the presenters went fairly easy on him, which prompted a lot of people to voice their disgust on Twitter.

During his time on the programme, he was twice referred to as a ‘former MP’ by Andrea McLean, despite Farage having never successfully been elected as a Member of Parliament.

He talked about spending time in America, when he last saw Donald Trump, and claimed young people have a problem with freedom of speech.

‘It’s worrying for our younger generations – they should be brought up that there are different people with different points of view, and they’re equally valid points of view, and you make your own mind up.’

‘We’ve kind of got a bit of censorship going on,’ he claims, when it comes to freedom of speech.

The official programme’s account tweeted that they were set to ‘grill’ the seven-time failed MP, but it didn’t quite play out that way. And the replies to said tweet were a divided mix of bickering an outrage.

Some asked why they didn’t ‘grill’ him on some more prevalent issues…


And if that wasn’t enough, Kelly Brook (who forms part of the four-piece hosting panel) blew a raspberry on his stomach – much to the horror of audiences at home.


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