Viewers cringed when Holly Willoughby burst into laughter at guest's dead cat

Holly Willoughby was caught giggling as a This Morning guest was recounting the harrowing discovery of her dead cat.

When (appropriately named) Cat Robinson appeared on video link to talk to Holly, 37, and Phillip Schofield, 55, about the strange story of her cat, things got a little awkward as she began to retell the sad tale.

During the treacherous Beast from the East weather, Cat’s feline, Willow, went missing during the blizzard-like conditions. When it failed return one night, the family presumed their pet lost and seemingly had its death confirmed when Cat’s husband found a dead animal in the road which he believed was Willow.

‘He was so upset,’ Cat said of her hubby. ‘He went out in the middle of the night, scraped it up, put it on a bin bag and, to be fair, it did resemble the cat,’ she said, which really appeared to tickle Holly.

Holly almost loses it during a woman’s story about her dead cat. (ITV)
Holly almost loses it during a woman’s story about her dead cat. (ITV)

It was like the moment when someone laughs at a funeral, as she struggled to compose herself but somehow managed to do so.

But by this time plenty of viewers had already noticed her fits of laughter just moments before when the cameras cut to her.

It’s safe to say a lot of people definitely noticed her giggles and reacted in different ways.

Some were kind of appalled…

But others could sympathise with her impromptu laughter.

Cat, unfazed by the laughter, went on: ‘He took it to the vet to see if they could scan it, it was so badly run over they couldn’t work out if it was Willow or not.’

‘So we decided to a hold a little memorial service for him. We decided to bury him in the garden,’ she told the presenting duo.

‘The snow was quite bad at this point, but we thought we wanted a place where we could go and remember him.

‘The kids were absolutely devastated. They had to have a day off school.’

But in a strange twist, the ‘cat’ they buried wasn’t Willow at all. It was, as they concluded, either a dead fox or simply a case of mistaken identity – which made it all the more miraculous when their cat turned up days later.

We’re pretty sure it was the ‘scraped it up, put it on a bin bag’ description that set Holly off and, to be fair, we can’t blame her thanks to Cat’s comical choice of words.

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