Viewers all say same thing after Piers Morgan interview with 'real' Baby Reindeer

The interview went live on Thursday
The interview went live on Thursday -Credit:YouTube

A woman claiming to be the 'real life' Baby Reindeer sat down with Piers Morgan on Thursday for a head to head interview leaving viewers in a stir.

Scottish woman, Fiona Harvey, who claims to be the 'real life' character is originally from Fyvie in Aberdeenshire. She recorded her first “big TV interview” with the controversial broadcaster earlier this week.

Ahead of the anticipated broadcast, the Scottish law graduate told The Daily Record "she was not happy" with Piers' questioning after recording the chat in London. Harvey was questioned by Piers about being outed as the stalker of Scottish comedian, Richard Gadd.

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In the show Gadd, 34, plays a fictionalised version of himself called Donny Dunn who is ruthlessly stalked by a Scottish woman called Martha. The show tells viewers it is based on a “true story”, reports The Daily Record.

Over 200,000 people tuned in for the dramatic interview with viewers all left saying the same thing - that they were all intrigued to hear what she had to say - and were glued to their screens. Some people also said it was the "TV event of the year".

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The interview started with Piers delving into the background of the alleged situation with Fiona Harvey revealing that she had received death threats online and was questioned on why she had decided to speak publicly with her adding that she "had no choice".

She also said that she "hasn't watched any of the show" and continued to say that it has been "absolutely horrendous".

She also claims that the only true part of the show was meeting Richard Gadd at the Hawley Arms pub in Camden and she denied the claims that she had sent Gadd over 40,000 emails.

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Viewers were quick to take to social media to share their thoughts on the show with one viewer saying: "Me sat on the sofa to see what the real life Martha from Baby Reindeer has to say".

Another said: "This is going to be incredible". Another tweet reads: "I don’t think I’ve been more intrigued in an interview than I have with the real life Martha in Baby Reindeer".

One person commented: "Part of me doesn’t want to watch the interview but I can’t stop watching."

Another added: "I knew Twitter wouldn’t disappoint me tonight."

Some couldn't believe how similar Harvey was to the character within the show. One tweet reads: "The accent, it's the same jeez".