Vinted seller's hilarious clash with 'cheeky' buyer goes viral

Brits are making a pretty penny by offloading their unwanted items online, with fashion buffs frequently turning to Vinted for a bit of extra dosh. Yet, the platform can sometimes be a hotbed for cheeky antics.

A woman's bid to flog her bikini for a tenner turned into a farcical bartering session when a screenshot of her Vinted listing became a hit on Facebook, tickling users with one buyer's shameless attempts to haggle down the price

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The listing was humorously captioned: "Love Vinted and the people on there. The whole site has such a lovely sense of community."

The potential buyer kicked things off with a £3 offer, then dropped it to £2.50, before trying to clinch the bikini for a paltry £2. The seller stood firm against these low offers. In a huff, the would-be purchaser snapped back: "Shove it up your" ... then adds a four-letter word.

This brazen response set social media ablaze, with the blunt retort becoming the talk of thousands on Facebook, many chuckling at the sheer audacity.

One user recounted their own tale: "Someone moaned at me for a blazer they paid £2 for smelling like perfume (even tho I've never worn it)."

"I told them to put it in the wash because who buys second hand clothes and wears them without washing. apparently that makes me rude... £2."

"Like sheeeesg FREYA I'm sorry my house has smells."

Another chimed in: "That's nothing. One woman tried to buy three of my things and wanted to pay £2.50 for the whole lot! They were being sold at a 5-er each! The cheek! ".

A third chimed in: "The best thing is when someone buys your item at the most haggled price ever and you actually let them have it, only to find them selling it on again for twice the price."

It appears that haggling is a common tactic on the site, as numerous users were eager to share their own tales. One user highlighted that successful haggling hinges on both parties feeling they've snagged a "good deal".

Yet, it's evident that many are simply out to slash prices, with a host of people recounting similar experiences. Some, however, found amusement in the anecdotes shared.

One user joked: "But would she take £4? Someone should ask."

Another added their two cents with: "Spot the person who never heard no as a child."

Vinted has carved out its niche in the online marketplace, offering a platform for individuals to sell and purchase clothing, footwear, and accessories. Its popularity has surged lately, becoming a go-to for those looking to earn some extra cash, refresh their wardrobe sustainably, and nab a bargain in the process.