Vodafone announces customers can get £60 'off their bill' from today

Vodafone has issued a broadband alert and urged customers to "choose the same" deal for "less" with them. Vodafone has encouraged broadband customers to cash in and get a broadband tariff with the company which is cheaper than BT - by £5 a month, working out at £60.

"Want the same broadband for less?" Vodafone has asked. "Choose the same broadband for less than BT with the Great British Broadband Switch." It adds: "[Customer name], are you ready to fall in love with brilliant broadband and save money?

"At Vodafone, we use the same technology and networks as BT, EE and Sky - but we cost you less. Best of all, switching is easy – give us a few details and we’ll take care of all the hassle, including cancelling with your current provider before setting up your shiny new Vodafone connection.

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"Plus, as an existing mobile customer, you will get a personalised discount with Vodafone Together on our broadband." It says: "We’re lower-priced than BT," and highlights its Vodafone Fibre 2 74 Mbps £24 a month a deal, cheaper than BT Fibre Essential 36 Mbps £28.99 per month.

The monthly price will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January at 3.9 per cent Speed claims based on average download speeds. No price rise on our broadband in 2024, Vodafone adds in its small print.

It says: "Our powerful WiFi 6 comes as standard and auto-optimises for the fastest connection across all your devices. At Vodafone, we use the same technology as BT, EE and Sky, but we cost you less. Get a discount on your broadband when you have your mobile and broadband plan together."

The price comparison is based on Vodafone’s Fibre 2 (average speed 74Mbps) 24m term, £24pm for 24m, £38pm thereafter for existing Vodafone mobile customers, plus £0 router fee, £0 activation fee & £0 delivery fee vs. BT’s Fibre Essential (average speed 36Mbps): £28.99m for 24m, £0 upfront and £33.99pm thereafter.

Comparisons exclude new line installation costs and any additional reward cards.