Vodafone warns customers 'we are sorry for our mistake' and says 'unfortunately'

Vodafone has emailed customers to say "sorry" and admitted "it's unfortunate". Vodafone, which is rivalled by the likes of EE, O2, Virgin Media and more, has apologised to customers via email after accidentally sending them a wrong offer.

Vodafone wrote: "Hello, it looks like we sent you an email by mistake. The email should have been about switching to our award-winning broadband, unfortunately, you have received an email with an out-of-date offer.

"Thank you, The Customer Care team. We've sent this email to you automatically, so unfortunately you can't reply to it directly." It explained: "We are due to send you another email about our brilliant broadband with a new broadband offer – so keep a look out for it in the next couple of days. Once again, we’re sorry for our mistake and any inconvenience caused.

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"If you can’t wait for our next email, take a look at our broadband offers now. Just a note about Accessibility. Here at Vodafone we're passionate about making our products and communications accessible to everyone..

"If you need more support, we're here to help. Simply head over to our dedicated page at www.vodafone.co.uk/help-and-information/accessibility where you'll find useful hints and tips.

On its website, Vodafone details its broadband offerings and says: "Join the Great British Broadband Switch and get the same broadband for less. At Vodafone, we use the same technology and network as BT, EE and Sky – but we'll cost you less.

"Same technology, same network. And it’s never been easier to switch." It says: "Choose your plan. Depending on your provider, you may need to let them know you’re switching. Pick your installation date. Your equipment will arrive three days before your confirmed installation date.

"Ready to go. On installation day, your switch will be complete. Any issues and you may get compensation."