Wakefield Council to declare climate change emergency

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The melting of polar ice caps is set to worsen unless drastic action is taken. Wakefield Council has now joined Newcastle City Council in declaring a climate emergency.

Councillors in Wakefield are set to declare a climate emergency this week.

Wakefield Council is set to follow Newcastle City Council as the latest authority to declare a climate emergency, amid increasing concerns over global warming.

It is believed there could be just 20 years left before the effects of climate change become irreversible for the planet and earlier this month Parliament also declared a climate change emergency.

In a motion which will be considered for approval during Thursday’s annual meeting Coun Box said: “The science is clear. Human caused climate change is real, it is happening and its effects are being felt right now.

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It is expected more authorities are set to declare a climate emergency. Stock image.

"Global temperatures have already increased by one degree celsius from pre-industrial levels. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has given us only 11 years to act urgently on climate change or face runaway global warming and climate breakdown.

"All governments (national, regional and local) have a duty to act to limit the negative impacts of global warming.

"Taking action to address many of the causes and impact of climate change will also have associated health, wellbeing and economic benefits both locally and worldwide."

Should it receive backing the authority will become a carbon neutral council by 2030.

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The IPCC said limiting global warming to a 1.5 degree increase would make a huge difference when compared to a two degree rise, which is expected without any major changes.

This year the UK has seen protest group Extinction Rebellion bring London to a standstill with a series of protests designed to force conversations around climate change.

And veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough said we must act now or face destroying the homes of some of the world’s most incredible species.