Walker Independence boss breaks down finale cliffhanger and looks ahead to season 2

walker independence, season 1
Walker Independence boss breaks down finaleThe CW

Walker Independence season one finale spoilers follow.

Walker Independence's showrunner Seamus Kevin Fahey has broken down the show's newly-released season one finale.

The eventful episode of the Walker spin-off – which included Tom killing his brother Shane and a big shootout to boot ­– left fans on quite the cliffhanger, with Tom's father handing him a knife.

Speaking a bit about the character, Fahey joked to TVLine: "[Laughs] Yeah, I mean, you know, men and their daddy issues…

walker independence, season 1
The CW

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"If we’re lucky enough to explore more stories in this world, it would definitely be about that father-son dynamic, in the wake of everything that Tom did and everything that happened," he went on to tease.

"And how does Aunt Teresa fall in that mix? How do you take a character, who is more or less fearless in Tom Davidson, and kind of get to a point where he was cornered by everybody else on the call sheet? You finally see him sweating a little bit.

"But he made it this far, and how can you pull it off in just one scene where he’s terrified of what comes next, just by a shadow alone, the presence of a father figure? That was an interesting way to end the season: What is a villain now scared of, and opening it up to a bigger threat and a bigger mystery."

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Looking further ahead to a possible second season, especially after events saw Tom's escape thanks to a mysterious group, Fahey teased that "playing into that new mystery in a Season 2 would be the new onion [to] peel layer upon layer away".

"Everything he knew and his connections and his family connections to the outside world and trains, there’s a lot left to explore with what he knows and what their intensions are out West, in Independence at least," he added.

"That’s exactly the question. It’s not taking one lane or the other. Did people want to save Tom, or did people want to kill him? And where does that put our characters, who wanted him to at least go to trial and pay for his crimes?"

Walker: Independence season 1 airs on The CW in the US. A release date or broadcaster for the United Kingdom is not known at the current time.

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