Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? amputee contestant reveals where he lost his leg in bizarre question coincidence

Last night’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? featured amputee Gareth Kendall from Halifax – a contestant who would forever be remembered after one question invited him to reveal how he lost his leg.

The new and rebooted series, that’s run each night since last Saturday, has been an up and down ride for contestants who’ve been a mix of minor successes, wrong answer gamblers, and losers of massive amounts of cash, but the latest episode was arguably the current run’s highlight.

When Gareth was asked ‘The ruins of Urquhart Castle stands on the bank of which loch?’ his face lit up with a grin.


The lochs he was offered in his multiple choice boxes were Lomond, Ness, Broom, and Maree; and as hard as Gareth tried to put on his poker face, he couldn’t contain his secret any longer and blurted out ‘I know this’.

‘And I know this because I lost my leg there,’ to which the audience gasped and host Jeremy Clarkson, 58, was, for once, left speechless.

After describing a crash that almost claimed his life, Gareth shared his story with Clarkson and the audience – even joking about the fact he has just one leg and that he had ‘One Foot in the Grave’ tattooed on the remaining limb.


Viewers at home will have to tune in to tonight’s show – the final episode of the series – to see how far Gareth actually gets. Currently, he’s on £8,000 with two lifelines in tact: his 50/50 and ‘phone a friend’ option.

The contestant has already used the ‘ask the host’ to query Clarkson’s knowledge on the NHS and has relied on the audience to help him out, too.

People appear to have taken to the rebooted show but not everyone has been keen on the new ‘ask the host’ lifeline.

Catch the final Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? of the series tonight, at 9pm, on ITV1.

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