Warner Bros. Dates Denis Villeneuve Event Film, Next MonsterVerse Entry

Praise Lisan al Gaib, a new Denis Villeneuve movie has been added to the release slate.

Warner Bros. announced Friday that a previously described “WB family event film,” scheduled to be released on Dec. 18, 2026, is now an “untitled Warner Bros./Legendary/Denis Villeneuve event film in Imax.” It will retain that December 2026 date.

Additionally, an untitled event film scheduled for March 26, 2027, has now been revealed to be an “untitled Warner Bros./Legendary/MonsterVerse film in Imax.” In turn, a previously dated “untitled Warner Bros. Pictures Animation/Locksmith film,” originally set for that same March 26, 2027, has been removed from the calendar.

It’s unclear if the Villeneuve film will be the third “Dune” movie, based on the second “Dune” book, “Dune Messiah,” or if it will be Villeneuve’s adaptation of Annie Jacobsen’s recent nonfiction bestseller “Nuclear War: A Scenario.” It could also be one of the handful of other projects the director has flirted with over the past few years.

As for the untitled MonsterVerse movie, we’re guessing that is the follow-up to “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire,” the surprise smash from earlier this year that wound up being the most successful film in the MonsterVerse series. While “Godzilla x Kong” director Adam Wingard dropped out of the project, it was announced that David Callaham would write the screenplay for the new movie with Grant Sputore directing.

It’s unclear what happened to the Locksmith animated film, though the British animation studio has three animated features in development with Warner Bros. This title has been moved to July of that year.

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