Warning over biggest lawn care mistake that 'heaps stress' onto grass

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A neat, manicured lawn is many a gardener's dream. Alongside pretty flower beds, brightly coloured containers and neat borders, the lawn remains one of the most critical aspects of a garden.

An unkempt, overgrown lawn speckled with weeds can make your entire garden seem chaotic. With summer on the horizon, many Britons are keen to prepare their gardens for sunshine-soaked barbecues and outdoor dining.

One method of prepping your garden involves regularly mowing and maintaining your lawn. Nonetheless, cutting your lawn isn't as straightforward as pulling out the mower and shearing your grass - simple mistakes could harm your lawn's overall health, reports the Express.

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Joe from Joe's Lawn Care highlighted that one of the "biggest lawn care mistakes" people often make is mowing grass excessively short.

The lawn care specialist explained that some people cut their grass too short in hopes it will extend the time before they need to mow again.

He said: "They think if they mow it extra close to the ground they will somehow delay the inevitable task of having to mow it again."

Another common reason people tend to 'scalp' their lawns is because they see perfectly manicured green spaces on TV and aspire to replicate the same look in their own gardens.

Joe explained that these "highly-manicured turfs" are often mowed with a special reel mower and are then "lacquered with an extravagant amount of fertilisers, herbicides, chemical fungicides and a thousand other products most garden-owners have never heard of".

He warned that mowing your grass too short "heaps stress onto your grass" because the shorter the blade of grass, the less it can photosynthesise which means it will produce fewer roots and shoots.

Joe also mentioned that "Scalping" your lawn damages the crown of the plant which can make it vulnerable to pests and diseases.

As a general rule, he advised gardeners should aim for a height of around three to 3.5 inches.

By mowing lawns each week at this height, Joe assures it doesn't get too stressed while keeping it healthy.