Watch the moment 4-year-old officially announces to the world HE IS A BOY in gender reveal

A four-year-old boy from Canada took part in Vancouver's Pride Parade where he officially announced to the world that he was a boy in a gender reveal.

Charlie Danger Lloyd from Vancouver was assigned female at birth but expressed different gender needs at the age of two.

With support from his family, Charlie has been able to come out to the world as a boy.

27-year-old mother Alaina Bourrel, a small business owner, described Charlie as "not your typical little girl" but thought "nothing of it until the end of 2021".

Before Charlie officially was announced as a boy, people said he was more of a boy than kids who were assigned male at birth.

Charlie started to change, he didn't feel comfortable shopping in shops marketed for girls and wanted to get his haircut.

After making changes to his wardrobe and his appearance his confidence went through the roof.

"His happiness said a million words and it was the first time in his life that I had seen him confident in his own skin," Bourrel said.

Footage shows the moment Charlie - with his grandmother - fired off a confetti cannon which filled the area with blue smoke.