Watch: Unexplained Dancing Lights Appear Over Erupting Volcano

This is the stunning moment a series of lights appear above an erupting volcano - before disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

The footage, captured by a camera watching the Popocatépetl volcano erupt in Mexico, shows the cloudy sky suddenly filled with the circular and disc-shaped lights.

As smoke and ash spew from the volcano, lights suddenly appear in the lens - before more show up to join the party.

The mysterious lights then dance erratically as the eruption rises above the cloud cover.


What are they? The lights danced in front of the camera before disappearing

Even more bizarrely, the lights, which appear to differ in size, all vanish from view no sooner than they appeared.

No one has offered an explanation to what the lights actually are but believers in visitors from other planets are convinced they are UFOs - while others think they are simply some kind of glowing insects.

Popocatépetl, situated 43 miles southeast of Mexico City, is the most active volcano in Mexico/

It has had more than 15 major eruptions since the Spanish arrived in the country in 1519.

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