Who is Jessica Camacho? The Watchmen star has been confirmed as Pirate Jenny in the HBO series

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The Flash star Jessica Camacho returned to the world of superheroism in the season premiere of Watchmen, starring as the masked detective Pirate Jenny.

According to Variety, 1.5 million people watched the HBO series’ pilot with the network claiming it was the “strongest debut performance for a series” since Westworld in 2016.

There was initially some confusion over who would play Pirate Jenny - Camacho or The Great Gatsby actress Adelaide Clemens - a confusion which continued when the character made her debut onscreen wearing a mask. But on Tuesday the Watchmen Twitter account officially confirmed that Camacho had been cast in the role.

A fan tweeted at the account, “Hey @watchmen can you tell me if this is Jessica Camacho? It’s the eyes telling me yes but want to be sure.”

Shortly afterwards, they got their answer when the account responded, “Indeed it is.”

Camacho also celebrated the series launch today when she shared a picture of her character on Instagram with the hashtag #watchmen.

In a close-up from the show, Camacho was seen wearing her character’s distinctive mesh mask and a skull and crossbones bandanna.

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:) #watchmen

A post shared by Jessica Camacho (@jcamacho) on Oct 22, 2019 at 11:10pm PDT

Besides Watchmen, Camacho also stars on CBS’ show All Rise which explores the intricacies of the American legal system. Earlier this year she starred in Netflix’s Another Life.

Who is Jessica Camacho?

Camacho at the premiere of Watchmen (Getty Images)
Camacho at the premiere of Watchmen (Getty Images)

Jessica Camacho is a Latina actor who has starred in a diverse number of projects, though many of them have had a sci-fi or fantasy bent to them. The 36 year old previously starred in the Sleepy Hollow television series before moving other projects including Taken, All Rise, Netflix’s Another Life earlier this year and DC’s The Flash, which is one of her most notable roles.

Camacho has previously talked about her experience as a woman of colour in Hollywood, saying that although she felt “fortunate to be coming up a time where we’re now seeing opportunities” that it was not “an even playing field”. Speaking to Modern Brown Girl, she said that she made an effort to steer away from stereotypes of Latina women as “sexy and fiery".

She said, “I didn't want those two-dimensional roles. I turned down a lot of good paying roles because I didn't want to be boxed in. That's not to say that I haven't played sexy parts, but there has to be something more than just an image, a snapshot of a person.”

What is Watchmen about and who is Jessica Camacho's character Pirate Jenny?

Watchmen is an HBO series based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s original comic book, which was adapted into a movie in 2009 by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder. Rather than faithfully retelling Moore’s original story, the series focuses on a new character called Detective Angela Abar (played by Regina King) and her partner Looking Glass.

An official synopsis reads, “Watchmen takes place in an alternative, contemporary reality in the United States, in which masked vigilantes became outlawed due to their violent methods.”

“Despite this, some gather around in order to start a revolution while others are out to stop it before it is too late, as a greater question rises above them all; who watches the Watchmen?”

Not much is currently known about Camacho’s character Pirate Jenny. The show has only released one episode (to rave reviews) and Camacho doesn’t star for very long in it. At the moment, she appears as a masked detective and is described as an “androgynous and lustful bisexual cop” as well as an “anarchist at heart”.

Camacho said starring in the HBO series was “huge” and epic”, adding that it was “very terrifying” to be part of something “so historic and special and beloved”.

She said to Allure, “A lot of 'purists' don’t want to see anything tampered with. [Damon Lindelof] gets it, but also believes there’s more storytelling that should be and can be done in that world. Why not take something epic and take it seriously? Something that hasn’t been fully explored on film.”

Is Adelaide Clemens in Watchmen?

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

It was rumoured that both Adelaide Clemens and Jessica Camacho had landed the role of Pirate Jenny on the series, with various outlets reporting that Clemens had been cast.

Though now it has been confirmed that Camacho landed the role, Clemens’ fate in the series is currently unclear. Outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, Popsguar and more announced that she was a part of the cast. Clemens, who previously starred in Silent Hill: Revelation and in The Great Gatsby, still features on the cast list on IMDB for Watchmen but there is no character listed beside her name.

Who did Jessica Camacho play in The Flash?

Camacho played a character called Gypsy in The Flash and had a recurring role on The CW series, which also stars Glee’s Grant Gustin and is set in the same universe as shows including Arrow and Supergirl. She appeared in both season three and four as a time travelling bounty hunter.

What is Jessica Camacho’s Instagram?

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@marcanthony We Loooove you!! :)

A post shared by Jessica Camacho (@jcamacho) on Oct 21, 2019 at 11:37pm PDT

Jessica Camacho’s Instagram handle is @jcamacho and she posts regularly about her work on shows including All Rise and Watchmen. Recently, she revealed on Instagram that she and her mother also fangirled over meeting singer Marc Anthony and she said she was “completely star struck”.

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