Wayne Rooney: Why Plymouth Argyle is the right place for me

Wayne Rooney has found it 'really refreshing' to be a part of the togetherness which he has found in his first few days working at Plymouth Argyle.

The England legend held his first Press conference as Argyle's head coach at Home Park this afternoon, which was attended by a large number of media and lasted for around 40 minutes as he was asked a wide range of questions. Rooney has backed himself to be a success with the Pilgrims as he returns to football following his dismissal as Birmingham City boss at the start of January after just 15 games in charge.

One of those matches was a 3-3 draw with Argyle at Home Park two days before Christmas and the 38-year-old revealed the sold-out crowd at the Theatre of Greens had left a lasting impression on him.

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Rooney said: "I remember in December coming here with Birmingham City, the first time I have been here, and I was so impressed with the atmosphere. It was a very difficult game for us at the time.

"And then once there was contact with the club I knew I wanted to come here, and it was a long process in order for me to be appointed as head coach, but it was enjoyable. It's probably the first time I have been through that process as thorough as it was.

"I enjoyed it and obviously the club felt I was the best man to take the club forward. I have heard a lot of good things about the place, about the football club. Over the last month, since I have been in, all of that has shown.

"The togetherness of the football club, the togetherness of the staff, has been been outstanding and really refreshing for me to be a part of that, so I'm delighted to be here. Hopefully I can move this club forward and be a success and I'm excited to get started."

Asked what he could see Argyle achieving under him, Rooney said: "I'm not going to come out and say we are looking to get Premier League in a year's time. I think we need to be realistic.

"What we are trying to do is build on where the club has been over the last five years, which has been rising and getting better. I think we need to gradually keep moving forward, keep trying to improve and certainly improve on last season, and hopefully at the end of a timeframe which we have in place we can get closer to that Premier League."

That last comment from Rooney was reference to the club's stated ambition of becoming a top six Championship club with Premier League aspirations by 2028.

After his short stint at Birmingham, Rooney now has another chance to make his mark in management. "You always have to prove yourself," he said. "That's something I had for 20 years as a player, and as a coach wherever you are, whatever job you are in you have to prove yourself.

"That's normal, that's a pressure which comes with the job and, of course, when you go into jobs you leave yourself open if you don't get results, obviously there's consequences to that, which was the case at Birmingham.

"But now I'm here, I'm ready, I'm excited. I have took a lot of time to reflect on what happened at Birmingham City and sometimes things happen for a reason, and the good thing which came out of it is that it means I'm here now.

"I'm here to go and be successful and I really believe in that. I'm a confident person, I back myself to do that, and as I said before I'm just looking forward to getting started."

Rooney continued: "I come down a few weeks ago to look at an apartment and get things sorted really. Then being here this week, firstly I have to say every person I have met has been really welcoming.

"I have had a nice chat with quite a few people. This is my home now, this is where I'm living, this is where I'm working, this is where I'm hoping to be successful.

"I think it's a lovely place. I have been out for a couple of meals in nice restaurants and enjoyed that. The important thing for me is you enjoy it more when you win, I think that's a normal situation wherever you are and I'm really pleased to be here.

"Obviously, I know the profile of me throughout my playing career but I have always been someone who is an open person, open to talk and take pictures. I don't think I have ever refused pictures or autographs.

"Also, it's nice when you speak to people because you get feedback as well from fans. I'm sure I will do, whether it's good or bad feedback, I think it's always nice to have that."

Rooney confirmed that his wife, Coleen, and their four sons would not be joining him in Plymouth. "I think me children - and certainly me eldest son (Kai) is in a really important stage of his life, his football and his school work, so she will be coming down when the kids are off school.

"Of course you miss them, but this is my job. This is what I want to do so you have to sacrifice certain things in order to be the best you can be, and I will see them as much as I can, and during the school holidays and stuff they will come down.

"But I think for me children their school work, and the football back home as well, is the most important thing they get right. I don't want to take them away from that, although I would love to be with them every day. I have to suffer with that, and put all my time and attention now into Plymouth Argyle to make sure we get it right."