Weather Blamed For Honey Shortage

Harriet Hadfield, Sky News Reporter

Experts have warned of a shortage of British honey because of the recent spell of wet and cold weather.

The rain has made it harder for bees to head out during the busy pollination season.

"This has been the worst summer we've experienced, the bees just can't get out and forage for nectar," beekeeper Warwick Francis said.

"It's very hard to fly when you are being hit by raindrops."

The short supply of honey has proved to be a problem for niche retailers, which usually stock local produce.

Nicolas Allison from the National Trust's Morden Park Hall in Surrey said: "Customers are going to find the price of honey will stay high.

"We are selling honey from wherever we can get it, it's not coming straight to us from the park."

Bees are vital for the balance of our ecosystems and their dwindling populations have given cause for concern for years.

As early as April this year, the Government's national bee unit issued a warning to beekeepers.

As the wet weather has continued, there are still concerns about the risk of bees actually starving themselves to death inside their hives.

The advice to those with apiaries is to ensure their hives are kept topped up with sugar and syrup.