UK weather: Highs of 35C possible this weekend - and records could be broken!

Near record-breaking temperatures are forecast for the UK this weekend - following thunderstorms that could bring a month's worth of rain.

Hot air moving over from continental Europe will bring the UK soaring temperatures, with London expected to reach 35C (95F) on Saturday.

This will edge close to the June record of 35.6C (96F) set in Southampton in 1978.

The South is forecast to experience the hottest weather, but peak temperatures across much of England and Wales aren't expected to dip below 20C (68F) each day.

Increased temperatures will be part of a heatwave across Europe - with record-breaking temperatures expected in France, Spain and Belgium.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said the UK would "not be as hot as Europe, but it will still be warm".

She added: "By Saturday, we could be looking at 30C in the South, with London looking at 30C but with isolated spots of 33C, 34C or 35C, maybe."

Prior to the onset of scorching temperatures, the UK can expect to see a period of rain and stormy weather.

Some parts of Scotland may see nearly 80mm of rain on Monday, with the Met Office issuing weather warnings over fears of flooding and travel disruption.

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In England, central and eastern areas could get more than two weeks' worth of rain in just an hour, according to forecasters.

Yellow weather warnings for Northern Ireland and much of England, as well as eastern parts of Wales, say there could be damage from floodwater, lightning, hail and strong winds.

Thunderstorms are being blamed on the high humidity, which will result in muggy conditions for many, with some seeing overnight highs of 19C (66.2F) throughout the week.