This week’s best home entertainment: from The Windermere Children to BoJack

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This week’s best home entertainment: from The Windermere Children to BoJack. The rehabilitation of 300 concentration camp evacuees is told in a new BBC drama, while it’s the end for BoJack Horseman

The Windermere Children

With Monday marking 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, this quietly affecting one-off drama tells the true story of the hundreds of children sent to an estate in the Lake District after surviving the horrors of the concentration camps. Looked after by psychologists and art therapists, together they try to regain a sense of normality.
Monday 27 January, 9pm, BBC Two

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Arch-complainer Larry David is back for a 10th season of mishaps and foibles. With his Salman Rushdie musical Fatwa! tanking last series, he is back with a new spate of awkward celebrity cameos, including Jon Hamm.
Tuesday 28 January, 9pm, Sky Comedy

The Stranger

Based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, this drama stars Richard Armitage as family man Adam Price, whose seemingly idyllic suburban world is shattered by the revelations of the titular “stranger”. Throw in a murder scene and Jennifer Saunders as the investigating detective’s best friend and you have a new nail-biter to binge.
From Thursday 30 January, Netflix

Stephen Fry’s 7 Deadly Sins

This might sound like a biblical podcast from super-brain Stephen Fry but it is instead a typically insightful investigation into how the idea of sin shapes our lives. At its heart, Fry investigates what we consider to be good and bad and how these assumptions can impede our happiness.

Win the Wilderness: Alaska

Six couples have the chance to win their dream home in the wilds of Alaska, but only if they can prove to the existing owners that they can survive in the back of beyond. In the midst of a summer of almost continual daylight, their training begins. First up, it’s learning how to build a shelter from scratch and survive the possibility of a dangerous bear attack.
Sunday 26 January, 9pm, BBC Two

Man Like Mobeen

Comedian Guz Khan returns as Mobeen, looking to put his criminal past behind him and live a “legit life” with his younger sister. With the attack on his best friends closing season two, though, it looks as if Mobeen is being dragged back into a comic underworld.
From Sunday 26 January, BBC Three

Next in Fashion

Queer Eye’s sartorial specialist Tan France and It-girl Alexa Chung star in this reality competition to find the hottest new clothes designers. Eighteen contestants are tasked with reinterpreting trends for the chance to win the $250,000 prize and a debut collection with brand Net-a-Porter. Expect French tucks galore.
From Wednesday 29 January, Netflix


Hot on the heels of season one, Aidy Bryant returns as journalist Annie. Now freelance, having quit her somewhat abusive online magazine job, Annie is on that rocky pathway to self-discovery, finding and attacking her trolls in the process. Best mate Fran (Lolly Adefope) and boyfriend Ryan (Luka Jones) are along for the journey.
From Saturday 25 January, BBC Three


An allegory-loaded train thunders across an icy wasteland, its passengers divided, Titanic-like, with the wealthy at the front and the workers at the back. An international cast including Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton enjoy the ride as a brutal class war kicks off, in Oscar-nominated Parasite director Bong Joon-ho’s ferocious and fantastical 2013 thriller.
Thursday 30 January, 9pm, Film4

BoJack Horseman

It has been a long and traumatic journey of self-discovery for alcoholic anthropomorphic star BoJack and now we get to say goodbye to his “Hollywoo” universe in this closing part of the final season. He is safely ensconced teaching acting at Wesleyan University, but an investigation into his past now threatens to derail this newfound, precarious stability.
From Friday 31 January, Netflix