Weetos Apologises For 'Big Baws' Box Blunder

James Matthews, Scotland Correspondent
Weetos Apologises For 'Big Baws' Box Blunder

Makers of the cereal Weetos have apologised for a marketing blunder that saw a new promotional campaign use a Scottish slang term for male genitalia.

The product box features a range of cartoon moustaches with a variety of labels, one of which is "Big Baws".

"Big Baws" is described on the box as being as tall as a mountain and strong as a bear, but the term has an alternate meaning in Scotland.

Packs of the cereal are now going to be redesigned.

The cereal makers Weetabix say it was meant to be a play on the phrase "Big Boss".

They have now agreed to change it, having realised that the innocence was lost in translation north of the border.

A Weetabix spokeswoman told Sky News: "The current Weetos pack features a series of cartoon moustaches, one of which is named "Big Baws" which is a play on words for "big boss".

"We now understand that this phrase might also be interpreted in a different way in Scotland and are therefore working on amending the pack.

"We are sorry if this has unintentionally caused offence in any way."