Welcome to the new Yahoo Ireland homepage

Nearly half a million people angrily called and wrote to Coca-Cola back in 1985 when it introduced the now infamous  “New Coke” formula. Psychiatrists who listened in recall that many people sounded like they were talking about a death in the family.
We're pretty confident the reaction to the new Yahoo Ireland homepage will be rather more positive. In many ways, it is reassuringly similar to the page you've always known. But there are some new features which we hope will make your visit more enjoyable and more fruitful.
Overall, we think it’s a cleaner page which looks more modern. Most importantly though, there’s much more content on there - hundreds of the latest articles, galleries and videos are now just one click away. Hopefully you’ll also notice we’ve got a much more consistent experience across desktop, mobile and tablet.
Perhaps the biggest change is the stream of content at the bottom half of the page. This is a constantly updating list of stories from Yahoo, across News, Sport, Finance, and Entertainment.
If a story grabs your eye, you can hover over it and click the ‘Y’ to save the story if you’re logged in. You can read that story across any logged in device later (you can find them later in the menu at the top of the page).
The search box and the links to your mail remain in the same place. Also familiar will be the feature stories at the top, picked by us from across the Yahoo network.
The left-hand column is still a quick link to all the sections in Yahoo. But now, on the right, there's a series of feeds that give you instant access to the weather, share prices and horoscopes, which you can personalise. If you don’t dabble in the financial markets or astrology really isn’t your thing, you can simply click to remove them.
The new design is a first step in a journey to offer a much more personalised Yahoo experience. You’ll see more changes over the next few months, both big and small.

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