Well-wisher posts heartwarming card through lonely grandmother's letterbox

A lonely 60 years old senior in is apartment
The woman's granddaughter wrote that she and her family work during the day so her grandmother "normally feels lonely". (Getty)

A lonely grandmother with dementia received a touching Christmas card and gift from a neighbour who she smiles and waves at every time they walk past her window.

The grandmother, who is also disabled, sits by the window “all day, every day”, according to her granddaughter, who tweeted to wish the writer of the card a merry Christmas.

When the grandmother’s family went to see her on Sunday, they found the card along with a Sainsbury’s gift voucher in the letterbox.

The card said: "It's so nice to see you smile and wave when I walk past your house. Please accept my small token gift to buy something to give you another reason to smile."

“To the lady who waves and smiles, From Leigh.”

Her granddaughter, who uses the handle Melly Maestro on Twitter, tweeted: "My Nan is disabled & has dementia. She sits in her chair by the window all day, every day – just looking outside & normally feeling lonely as we all work during the day.

“When we went to see her today, someone had posted this through the letter box 😭 Merry Christmas, Leigh"

She went on to write: “She’s barely eaten for weeks because she’s been so down and I’ve just made her a sandwich and she’s happily chomping away. I could burst.”

A well-wisher, called Leigh, posted the card through the grandmother's letterbox. (Twitter)
A well-wisher called Leigh posted the card through the grandmother's letterbox. (Twitter)

The tweet has been shared more than 7,000 times with many people touched by the sweet gesture.

One wrote: “This is so lovely. Wish Leigh knew how his/her kindness impacted, but brilliant that you let us all know about it. This is the joy of Twitter.”


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Alison McGinley tweeted: “This is beautiful. Gives me hope that there’s still some decent people in the world. Merry Christmas to your nan from x”

Another person wrote under the tweet: “I am so happy (but also ) reading this beautifully touching story. Leigh, and your Nan are awesome!”

Her granddaughter thanked everyone for their tweets and wrote: “She’s been so depressed recently. I can’t put into words how much this has picked her up.”

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