The Welsh landmarks you might be able to spot in new House of the Dragon series

Weapons of war props suggest Dinorwig quarry will host a major battle during the second series
-Credit: (Image: Carwyn Vaughan)

Wales has taken centre stage in the second series of House of the Dragon, which is currently gracing our television screens. The prequel to Game of Thrones, set around 200 years before the original saga, brought its cast and crew to spend five weeks last summer filming across the picturesque counties of Gwynedd, Conwy, and Anglesey.

The country's breathtaking vistas earned high praise from the show's executive producer Kevin de la Noy, who remarked: "It was great to be shooting in Wales with its stunning scenery and landscapes, that bring to life our Westeros. I had no hesitation in taking House of the Dragon there... and we were blessed with the most glorious weather too. Thank you, Wales!"

With only one episode of the new series broadcasted thus far, many of the scenes captured in North Wales are still eagerly anticipated by fans. Anglesey, transformed into the fictional land of Westeros, served as a backdrop for several pivotal scenes.

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In Penmon village, actor Steve Toussaint, portraying Corlys Velaryon, was seen on location, while nearby fields hosted the filming of heavily armed cavalry soldiers, leading spectators to speculate about Velaryon's wartime manoeuvres, reports North Wales Live.

Further sightings included troops donning the golden-dragon emblem of Aegon II Targaryen at Beaumaris, where the beach became the setting for a dramatic cavalry charge. Additionally, Fabien Frankel, known for his role as Ser Criston Cole or the Kingmaker and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, was also spotted in the historic town.

Crowds flocked to Llanddwyn Beach near Newborough to catch a glimpse of the actors assembling for filming. The expansive beach and its enchanting island are rumoured to be the backdrop for the "Sowing of the Dragonseeds" plotline, where Targaryen kin vie for control over dragons, set to feature in an upcoming episode.

Emma D'Arcy, portraying Rhaenyra Targaryen, was also seen filming a poignant scene at Porth y Cwch, where Lucerys Velaryon's body is discovered along Shipbreaker Bay after his demise in the previous season's finale.

The stunning landscapes of Anglesey serve as an ideal setting for the series' shoots. This sentiment extends to the wider North Wales region, with areas like Gwynedd and Conwy doubling up for some of the more majestic and gory scenes.

Yr Eifl Quarry, known locally as Trefor Quarry, is believed to have been transformed into Dragonstone Castle, the historic stronghold of House Targaryen. During production, residents noticed flags adorned with Rhaenyra Targaryen's emblem displayed around the quarry.

Another significant site was Dinorwig Quarry, historically one of the world's largest slate quarries, which commands views over Llyn Padarn, Llanberis.

Last summer, photos from the quarry revealed carts, tents and two stone pillars, along with a large catapult being transported into a local garage. This sparked rumours that the site could be the setting for a significant battle scene.

In the Ogwen Valley, several horse riders were seen, accompanied by prop corpses. Could this suggest a skirmish was filmed here? The details remain under wraps.

More prop bodies were noticed at the strikingly picturesque Roman Bridge in Penmachno, Conwy county. Fans are speculating that this location was used to film the aftermath of a major battle.