The West Country town where three-quarters of the people moving in come from Bristol

Nearly three-quarters of new residents in Weston-Super-Mare are coming from Bristol, a comparison website has found.

Data from Compare My Move, a comparison site for removal companies, showed that 71.2 per cent of all the inquiries where a person moving to Weston was looking to book a removals firm in 2022, came from people who live in Bristol.

Speaking last June, the firm said they were expecting this to rise because of two factors - the continuing rise in house prices in Bristol, and the new developments that are expanding the size of Weston towards the M5.

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Compare My Move analysed property prices in many cities in the UK, compared with prices in places 30 minutes away, and were so struck by the differences between Weston and Bristol that they did a deeper dive into the figures.

Weston Super Mare continues to be a hotspot for people moving out of Bristol, Compare My Move data found that in 2022, 71.2% of moves to Weston Super Mare were households that had moved from Bristol,” said the firm’s founder and director, Dave Sayce.

“As house prices continue to rise in Bristol, we expect to see this number rise for 2023 as the main selling point of moving to Weston-Super-Mare is the reduction in price.

“Because of its transport links to London, Bristol has seen an influx of movers over the last year, this will likely lead to a boom in population and overcrowding, so there’s never been a better time to cash in, and Weston-Super-Mare is a fantastic place to do so. It’s 28 minutes away on the train and 40 minutes in the car, you’ll still be within commuting distance of Bristol, but having that extra bit of profit from selling your house could make the world of difference,” he added.

This article was first published in June 2023 and was republished in June 2024.