Widowed Westminster attack survivor who lost husband bravely smiles as she recovers in hospital

David Harding
Melissa Cochran has been pictured for the first time since the attack which killed her husband, Kurt (SWNS)

Recently widowed and with serious injuries of her own, Westminster Bridge terror victim Melissa Cochran somehow still manages to smile in the first picture released of her since the horror attack.

American Melissa suffered a broken leg, rib and cuts to her head when Muslim convert Khalid Masood rammed his Hyundai 4×4 into crowds on Westminster Bridge, killing her husband Kurt.

The couple were on the final day of a trip to London to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary when they were caught up in the carnage on Wednesday.

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Melissa was shown smiling and recovering from her injuries (SWNS)

The first pictures also show Melissa recovering in hospital with her leg sheathed in a caliper.

But despite the horror of last week’s attack, Melissa was pictured smiling with a gash visible on her forehead as she chats to family while lying in a hospital bed.

Last Wednesday Masood, 52, ploughed the rented car at 76mph through crowds outside Parliament, killing two other people and injuring more than 40.

She was also pictured with her family (SWNS)

In a second picture, captioned “getting stronger every day” Melissa stands on crutches in her hospital gown.

The hospital snaps were shared on a GoFundMe page to raise money for her children and has already reached over £56,000.

Melissa’s brother Clint Payne said: “Her health is steadily improving and she has been strengthened by the presence of her family. She is so grateful for the outpouring of love and generosity.

The aftermath of the March 22 attack (Rex)

“So many people have been so kind, and we are deeply touched by their goodness and generosity.

“The most difficult part of all of this is that Kurt is no longer with us, and we miss him terribly.

“He was an amazing individual who loved everyone and tried to make the world a better place.”

Kurt, 54, was a musician.

Kurt and Melissa Cochran (SWNS)

The couple had been visiting Melissa’s parents, Sandra and Dimmon, who have been working for four months as missionaries at the London Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Earlier this week, family members gathered family gathered at New Scotland Yard to thank those who had helped them in recent days.

Melissa is from Utah.