Wham! fans in tears over George Michael as 'bittersweet' Netflix documentary airs

Viewers loved the documentary and were moved by seeing the late singer

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in Wham! (Netflix)
Fans were moved by the documentary. (Netflix)

Wham! fans have given Netflix’s new documentary about the group a resounding thumbs up, but admitted it was “bittersweet” seeing the late George Michael.

The programme – entitled WHAM! - explores how friends Michael and Andrew Ridgeley got started and their rise to becoming 80s pop icons, using archive footage and interviews.

It dropped on the streaming service this week and fans said it was a “tremendous” look at the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go singers and their career.

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However, many people were very emotional hearing Michael, who passed away in 2016.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in Netflix documentary Wham! (Netflix)
George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in Netflix documentary Wham! (Netflix)

One posted a message on Twitter saying they were “sobbing” watching the programme.

“Crying some more - happy tears this time,” said another.

“For this die hard Wham! and George fan, that was... wow. So much stuff that was new to me even – I mean, the demo of Careless Whisper ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!


“So much fun watching #Wham ... and bittersweet hearing George's voice,” said another.

Andrew Ridgeley in Netflix documentary Wham! (Netflix)
Andrew Ridgeley in Netflix documentary Wham! (Netflix)

Someone else posted: “Not even halfway through #Wham! on Netflix & I’m already starting to sob.

"I can’t put into words how much this band meant to me.

"Wham! was my everything.”

“The new #Wham documentary is really lovely,” said another viewer.

“Worth a look if you're looking for a little pick me up that gives Andrew Ridgeley his due and serves a bittersweet remembrance of George Michael.”

British singer George Michael performs on stage during his
George Michael died in 2016. (Reuters)

“The Wham! doc on Netflix is tremendous... revealing and articulate,” said someone else.

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Michael died on Christmas Day in 2016 aged 53, and a coroner later determined his death was due to natural causes.

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