What's happened at Manchester Airport? Problems as flights cancelled and delayed after power cut

-Credit: (Image: X/SebbieJ)
-Credit: (Image: X/SebbieJ)

Holidaymakers are stuck in travel chaos as all flights departing from Manchester Airport are cancelled or severely delayed following a power cut.

Photographs show huge queues winding outside the airport as fed up passengers are forced to queue. The chaos began early this morning as hundreds looked forward to jetting off for the start of their summer holiday season. It is understood that Terminals 1 and 2 are severely affected while Terminal 3 is running, reports the Mirror.

It has prompted outrage among passengers who took to social media to vent their frustration. One person wrote at 6.35am: "We've been stood for over an hour and a half in the same spot as we we're before, still being told that "normal services will resume ASAP" our flight leaves at 10 past 7!!"

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Another stated: "Utter disgrace, the airport should have back up systems / generators for this sort of scenario. Expect the unexpected. In general this airport is a shambles and needs major investment. I don’t see how a power cut causes a toilet blockage across T1. Management should resign."

In a statement released at 6.30am today, the airport said the issue had caused "widespread disruption" which is affecting flights from Terminals 1 and 2.

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Manchester Airport has said passengers who are travelling from Terminals 1 or 2 should contact their airlines for up-to-date information before coming to the airport. While those heading to Terminal 3 are expected to face delays but should come to airport as normal unless advised otherwise by their airline.

Meanwhile, airlines will organise any onward journey for those whose flights are cancelled, added the airport. "Passengers due to fly from Terminal 3 should come to the airport as normal unless advised otherwise by their airline, but could be affected by delays," Manchester Airport advised.

It said that it was working to restore "normal service as soon as possible" while it pointed out that flights to the airport were not as badly affected although there were queues at passport control.

The statement from the airport read: "Manchester Airport was affected by a major power cut in the area earlier this morning. This has caused widespread disruption and a significant number of flights, particularly from Terminals 1 and 2, are expected to be delayed or cancelled... we apologise for any inconvenience and aim to restore normal service as soon as possible."