Where and When to Watch New ‘Bluey’ Episodes

If you have a toddler, odds are you’ve watched a lot of “Bluey.” The Australian animated series has taken hold of kids and parents alike with its charming mix of silly antics and tear-jerking emotion. Created by Joe Brumm, the show debuted in 2018 and very quickly became a worldwide phenomenon as each episode chronicles a new adventure in the life of the Heeler dog family – there’s father Bandit, mother Chilli, youngest daughter Bingo and of course the oldest daughter Bluey.

154 episodes of “Bluey” have been released so far, but there are more to come and if your kid’s a fan, you need to know when you’ll be able to refresh the rotation with new “Bluey” episodes. Here’s what to know.

Where is “Bluey” streaming?

“Bluey” airs in the U.S. on the Disney Jr. network but as of 2020, all episodes are currently streaming on Disney+.

When are new “Bluey” episodes coming out?

The next batch of new “Bluey” arrives on July 3 with the release of seven “Bluey” minisodes, which are described as shorter episodes. Each one is written by Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio, as is the case with all the regular “Bluey” episodes, but the minisodes range in length from one to three minutes.

Here are the “Bluey” minisodes coming in the first batch on July 3:

  • “Burger Dog” – The kids want to dance to some annoying music but Dad pretends his battery on his phone is flat until Mum phones him.

  • “Bingo 3000” – Dad has bought a brand new “Bingo 3000” robot, but it’s not working, so he has to call technical support.

  • “Muffin Unboxing” – Stripe is filming Muffin unboxing a dump truck toy, but Muffin is struggling to stay focused.

  • “Letter” – Nana reads an old story that Bandit wrote from when he was five. The kids find this hilarious as Nana is reading out the words exactly as they are spelt.

  • “Hungry” – Dad is hungry so he pretends to eat Bluey.

  • “Three Pigs” – Dad retells the story of the three little pigs. In this version the pigs and the wolf eventually become friends.

  • “Animals” – Mum is playing the animal game on Bingo’s back. She pretends Bingo’s back is a big field, and various animals walk, jump and dart across it, making Bingo laugh.

Are there more “Bluey” minisodes coming?

Yes, a second batch of minisodes will be released later this year followed by the final batch in 2025.

Is “Bluey” canceled?

No. Contrary to rumors that seem to pop up every few months, production on “Bluey” continues. But because each episode is written by Brumm and animated by Ludo Studio, they take time to make.

Producers are secretive about future plans, including when to expect new full episodes. 13 new “Bluey” episodes dropped in 2024, including the 28-minute special “The Sign.”

Will there be a “Bluey” movie?

TheWrap previously reported that there have been discussions about making a feature-length “Bluey” movie, but there is concern on the side of Brumm and Ludo Studio that making a film would put a halt on the production of any new episodes for the duration of time it would take to make the “Bluey” movie. But Disney is keen on getting a “Bluey” film made.

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