While Star Trek: Prodigy Looks For A New Streaming Home, Fans Take To The Skies To Support The Canceled Show

 Dal in Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+
Dal in Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+

The Star Trek landscape on Paramount+ has changed quite a bit this year. Star Trek: Picard ended its three-season run back in April, and a month beforehand, it was announced that Star Trek: Discovery will end next year with its fifth season. But perhaps the most surprising news came in June, when Star Trek: Prodigy was not only canceled, but removed from the platform. Fortunately, Prodigy Season 2 will eventually be shown to the public, and as the upcoming Trek show looks for a new streaming home, fans took to the skies to show their support for it.

Two months after Paramount+ subscribers lost the ability to stream the released 20 Prodigy episodes, work is still underway for another streaming service to house the other complete 20 episodes. To help out with this, a group of fans paid for a banner to be flown over the headquarters of companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to raise awareness The banner displayed the hashtag #SaveStarTrekProdigy, which you can see below, along with Prodigy creators Dan and Kevin Hageman sharing their gratitude on Twitter for this effort:

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Star Trek: Prodigy was one of four original shows that Paramount+ removed a few months ago, the others being Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Queen of the Universe and The Game. Unlike the other three, at least Prodigy will continue, though it’s still anyone’s guess at this point where Season 2 will end up. It’s also unclear if whichever streaming service takes on the animated series will also provide Season 1, or if that will now remain exclusively a home media purchase.

In any case, this sky banner is just the latest show of support from Prodigy fans. Shortly after the series was canceled, a petition also launched that didn’t take long to amass a considerable following, including from Anson Mount, who plays Christopher Pike on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. In late July, this petition crossed 30,000 signatures, so hopefully that, the sky banner and all the chatter about Prodigy on social media will help out in convincing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or some other streaming platform to add the show to its library.

The Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 finale saw Holo-Janeway sacrificing herself to destroy the Protostar and prevent the destruction of the Federation fleet, with Dal, Gwyn, Zero, Rok, Jankom and Murf escaping aboard a quickly-built shuttle. Upon being retrieved by the Federation, all of the youths allowed to join Starfleet as warrant officers, though Gwyn turned down the opportunity in favor of going to her homeworld. The others have now joined Admiral Janeway in embarking on a journey to find Commander Chaoktay and the original crew of the Protostar, and earlier this month, Kevin Hageman shared that was Season 2 will do with Janeway and Chakotay is “absolutely fantastic.” This aspect of the show even brought voice director Brooke Chalmers to tears.

It’s also been revealed that Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 will feature Robert Picardo reprising The Doctor, the Emergency Medical Hologram from Voyager, and other legacy Star Trek characters are expected to appear. We’ll let you know when more concrete details about Prodigy’s second season arrive, but in the meantime, peruse our 2023 TV schedule if you’re looking for something new to watch now.