White House staff 'passed around Onion article parodying Jared Kushner'

Samuel Osborne
Mr Kushner reportedly did not see the article himself: Reuters

White House staff reportedly passed an article around from parody news site The Onion about Jared Kushner putting off solving the Middle East crisis for next week's to-do list.

The satirical article has Mr Kusher "admitting there was simply too much on his plate right now to bring stability to the fractious region by end of day Friday."

Instead, he "quietly moved the task 'solve Middle East crisis' to his to-do list for next week."

The article was reportedly shared among a handful of staffers inside the White House, Politico reports.

However Mr Kushner, son-in-law ans senior advisor to Donald Trump, did not see the article himself.

President Trump has previously suggested Mr Kushner could bring peace to the Middle East and end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Onion article read: '"Ushering in lasting peace across the Mideast is definitely still a big priority for me, but given everything else I’ve got going on right now, I’m just going to need to bump it to next week when I have a little more time on my hands,' Kushner reportedly said as he crossed out the task on his pocket day planner and rewrote it on the following page, acknowledging that he was just 'too swamped' at the moment with policy reports and real estate development meetings to resolve the numerous wars, land disputes, and centuries-old ethnic and religious tensions that have long raged among the 350 million residents of the geopolitical hotspot.

"'I was really hoping to at least knock out the Arab-Israeli conflict before the weekend, but this week’s kind of gotten out of hand. It’ll be fine, though — I’ll just carve out an hour or two next week, hunker down in my office, and sort it all out then.

"'If I can push back a couple business calls, I can definitely get this whole Middle East situation ironed out by Wednesday—Thursday at the latest.'"

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