Who Is Theresa May’s Husband?


Theresa May has a lot to live up to as Britain’s second ever female Prime Minister - but she’ll have a lot of help from husband Philip.

Mrs May has already been compared to Margaret Thatcher and Mr May will no doubt draw his own comparisons to Denis Thatcher, the Iron Lady’s beloved husband of 50 years.

But not much is actually known about the man who is set to support one of the most powerful women on Earth as she begins her high-profile new job.

Born in 1957, Mr May met his future wife at Oxford University in 1976 when the pair of them were students.


Romance: The pair met at Oxford University in 1976 before marrying in 1980 (Rex)

They were introduced to each other by one Benazir Bhutto - who went on to become the prime minister of Pakistan.

Bonding over a shared love of cricket, the pair soon began a relationship and went on to get married in 1980, and have stayed strong for the past 35 years.

While Mrs May moved on to a career in politics after a stint at the Bank of England, her husband stayed in the financial sector, making a name for himself in the City.

Now a client relations director at fund management group Capital International where he advises on pensions funds, Mr May previously worked for Zoete & Bevan and Prudential Portfolio Managers UK.

Throughout their years pursuing separate careers, Mr May proved to be a “rock” for his ambitious wife - none more so than when her father was killed in a car crash shortly before her mother also died.


Rock: Mr May has been a constant support to his wife (Rex)

Mrs May later paid tribute to her husband’s “huge support” during that difficult time and recently admitted the pair “had to “accept the hand they were dealt” when they failed to conceive children.

She told the Mail on Sunday: “Of course we were both affected by it. You see friends who now have grown-up children, but you accept the hand that life deals you.

"Sometimes things you wish had happened don’t or there are things you wish you’d been able to do, but can’t. There are other couples in a similar position.”

While Mrs May rose through the ranks of politics to become a high-profile public figure, Mr May stood by her side behind the scenes - shunning the limelight himself.


Limelight: The client relations director has shunned the spotlight (Rex)

A long-term friend recently told the Guardian: “Philip is really lovely. He’s just a regular, nice guy who’s bright like she is.

“They still totally love each other and have a great friendship.”

Catherine Meyer, wife of the former US ambassador Christopher Meyer, described him as “reserved, kind and polite”.

As someone who has always stayed in the background, Mr May now finds himself in the spotlight as the ‘First Man’ at Downing Street.

Even before Mrs May officially became the Prime Minister, there was scrutiny placed upon her husband’s job.


Success: Mr May plants on a kiss on the new Prime Minister (PA)

After reports surfaced that he was a hedge fund manager, his employers denied he had any involvement with money.

They said in a statement: “His job is to ensure the clients are happy with the service and that we understand their goals.”

Mr May, who previously said his wife would make an “excellent” Prime Minister, joined her outside the Houses of Parliament when she was officially declared leader of the Conservative party, stealing a congratulatory kiss in front of the cameras.

Now, with a wife in charge of the UK as it goes through uncertain times in the wake of the recent Brexit vote, Mr May can expect to be more of a rock than ever.

Top pic: Rex