What is the wholesome coloring book trend circulating on TikTok?

A TikTok trend has couples and friends exploring how similar — or different — they are. The #colorbooktrend showcases multiple people using various digital coloring books and pages to compare with their loved ones. The wholesome trend is not about deciding which version is better, but focusing on similar and differing elements between the two finished products.

For many on TikTok, it seems like the process is fun to both watch and participate in.

“Idk why but these bring me so much peace,” noted @applesaucepegnuin.

“I love this trend! I did it with my colorblind husband,” wrote @alittlesliceofem.

“Our differences are what i love most,” describes Lydia Elsen (@lydia.elsen).

“The differences are amazing! Love this trend,” @cooki3cr3at3z gushes.

How to do the #colorbook trend

There are a few different ways TikTokers are coloring their pages.

Maggie Bellew (@magsmaeee) reports using the My Coloring Book Free app, while Sofia Bojkova (@sofiabojkova1) shares the results she and her boyfriend got after using the Pigment app with coloring pages uploaded from Pinterest.

TikTok user @t1nker_fairy shares a detailed tutorial on making a coloring page using the app ibis Paint X.

To insert a picture, “Click the button at the bottom where all your layers are and click the camera button!” @t1nker_fairy explained.

Then, make sure to “click ‘extract line art’ and then click the layer below it” before drawing, @t1nker_fairy added.

“If this takes too long just import the image and use the fill tool, i’ve found its a lot easier,” suggested @_toesisters_.

Using the Procreate app, TikTok user @starbabyygirl displays the results of the couple coloring page trend and tags Bobbie Goods (@bobbiegoods), a popular San Diego-based coloring book company that many TikTokers are using for their coloring pages.

There are also countless digital downloads of coloring pages available for purchase on Etsy.

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