Why aren't Ghosts, Young Sheldon, So Help Me Todd new tonight, March 28?

 Asher Grodman and Brandon Scott Jones in Ghosts.
Asher Grodman and Brandon Scott Jones in Ghosts.

CBS's Thursday night lineup of comedies were booted from primetime on March 21 because of college basketball March Madness action, so are Ghosts season 3, Young Sheldon season 7 and So Help Me Todd season 2 back with new episodes on Thursday, March 28? Unfortunately no, as the college basketball tournament is once again putting the shows on the bench this week.

While March Madness doesn't have games airing throughout the afternoon and into the night like last week, CBS is still going to air two of the four Sweet Sixteen games taking place on March 28. The first is Clemson vs Arizona at 7:09 pm ET/4:08 pm PT, followed immediately by Alabama vs UNC at 9:39 pm ET/6:39 pm PT. That of course directly impacts CBS's primetime lineup, which normally would have Young Sheldon air at 8 pm ET/PT, Ghosts at 8:30 pm ET/PT and So Help Me Todd at 9 pm ET/PT.

Because the Alabama vs UNC game may be over between 9 and 10 pm PT, West Coast viewers may get a rerun of one of CBS's Thursday shows, but nothing is set in stone. East Coast viewers should see their local news immediately follow the game.

If you're frustrated that college basketball has disrupted your TV viewing habits these last two weeks, we've got good news: things start to get back to normal for CBS's Thursday lineup next week, April 4, as both Young Sheldon and Ghosts are slated to air new episodes in their usual times.

However, there is still going to be a bit of a tweak with So Help Me Todd. The courtroom dramedy will not be airing a new episode on April 4 and instead is slated to return on April 11. The reason is that Elsbeth, which premiered its only episode to date on February 29, is going to air both its second and third episode on April 4 back-to-back at 9 pm and 10 pm ET/PT before taking up its normal time slot of 10 pm ET/PT on April 11.

Again like with the first round of the March Madness tournament, Thursday isn't the only day being impacted on CBS. Friday, March 29, is also going to see two Sweet Sixteen games played on the network, meaning S.W.A.T. season 7, Fire Country season 2 and Blue Bloods season 14 are also not airing new episodes this week.

CBS's late night programming is also being impacted. Even though new episodes of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and After Midnight aired March 25-27, they are ending the week early and not airing new episodes on Thursday, March 28. However, reruns are going to air on March 28, as well as on Friday, March 29 (as per usual with the shows).

If you don't want to go another week without watching Ghosts, Young Sheldon and So Help Me Todd, you can watch past episodes from the latest season and earlier on-demand with a Paramount Plus subscription.