Love Island's Tanyel Revan deserved better than how she was treated in the villa

After weeks of unfair treatment in the villa, last night’s Love Island saw Tanyel Revan dumped from the villa following a recoupling which left her single. Many viewers, us included, were devastated to see the confident, straight talking and stunning Tanyel leave. One viewer tweeted: “Tanyel dumped? Is this meant to be a joke” and another said: "Anyway, justice for Tanyel. This is so unfair."

Her departure comes after multiple episodes in which many viewers perceived Tanyel had been treated unfairly by her fellow Islanders, despite always being there for the girls - offering them advice, hyping them up and telling them exactly how it is.

In the episode before she was dumped, Olivia, Tanya and Shaq were seen talking to Jordan about his relationship with Tanyel, saying they weren’t sure how Tanyel felt about him. Many saw this as them trying to persuade Jordan away from Tanyel and "setting her up" to get dumped.

Now, of course they could have just been looking out for Jordan and not wanting him to get hurt. And Jordan can make his own decisions about who he likes, regardless of other people’s input.

But following a number of other episodes many viewers thought this was just another example of how poorly Tanyel had been treated throughout the series.

love island's tanyel deserved better

Earlier this week Tanyel’s relationship with Spencer was perceived as being mostly disregarded by her fellow Islanders when it came to deciding who should be dumped from the island - Spencer, Aaron or Kai. Many thought Olivia’s relationship with Kai was given priority over Tanyel’s feelings.

In that same episode, which aired on 5th February, Tanyel joked about wanting new boys to come in shortly after Spencer’s departure. The girls took her joke seriously and heavily criticised her for it.

love island's tanyel deserved better

And a few episodes before that the girls also thought her kiss with Ron during the challenge was “too much”, speaking behind her back about how it appeared.

It essentially looked like Tanyel was the target of a lot of unnecessary scrutiny, gossip and double standards, with many viewers tweeting their frustration at how she was being treated.

One said: “These girls are getting on my bloody nerves with how they act towards Tanyel #LoveIsland" and another said: “These girls are being fake to Tanyel and I don’t like it."

During Sunday night’s episode Tanyel even addressed it herself and told Olivia she felt like she was being “picked at”. Olivia explained she thought it looked like Tanyel didn’t care about Spencer leaving, which Tanyel clarified was not the case at all.

Though it appeared Olivia and Tanyel had patched things up, Olivia was later seen persuading Jordan away from Tanyel, along with Tanya and Shaq. They were probably looking out for Jordan and at the end of the day it was his decision to pick Ellie over Tanyel.

However, the moment ultimately left a sour taste in viewers’ mouths. It may have been Tanyel’s time to go last night, but it was really sad to watch her leave without having had the full support of the girls, when she gave them her 100 per cent.

Love Island continues this evening on ITV2 at 9pm

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