This is why people are swapping #MeToo for #HimThough

Harriet Pavey
Shutterstock / 1000 Words

This week, thousands of women and men took to Twitter to share their stories of sexual assault with the words “me too”.

The #MeToo hashtag quickly went viral, and started trending as people across the globe came forward to support each other and show just how widespread the problem of sexual assault is.

But one woman has urged victims to drop #MeToo and instead turn to #HimThough.

Why? Because women should no longer have to bear the brunt of the burden and shame that comes with sexual assault.

Liz Plank, whose Twitter handle is @feministfabulous, is an award-winning journalist and executive producer of video series Divided States of Women.

Yesterday, she started up the #HimThough hashtag, pointing out that in the “vast majority of cases” men are the perpetrators of sexual assault.

Twitter users followed her suggestions, and began to share the #HimThough hashtag to speak out about how women are blamed as victims of sexual assault.

One person found a way to use both the hashtags.