Wildfires Wreak Havoc Across Montana

Dramatic video captured the moment Alba Sari and her friend Luke van der Hoeven drove through a raging wildfire on the road in Brusett, Montana, on July 21.

Sari filmed as the pair drove past the fire while making their way to New York after a road trip in Canada.

The fire that engulfed eastern Montana lasted over a week, burned 16 homes, and greatly impacted the farming community in the area, according to local reports.

Sari told Storyful, “the smoke proceeded to get thicker until we found ourselves at the fire. At that point, we were sure we would get turned around and have to drive two hours back in the direction in which we came.”

After reaching the end of the fire the pair was informed that they were the last car officials were letting through, as the fire became too dangerous for others to pass. Credit: Alba Sari via Storyful