will.i.am will record new music video on Coronation Street set

Last week, musician and The Voice UK judge, will.i.am, admitted that he was desperate to film the music video to his new single, ‘Fiyah’, on the set of Coronation Street.

It has now been revealed that ITV were more than happy to oblige and the star is apparently heading to Manchester today to cause “chaos” with 20 dancer and lots of “fire and explosions”.

Will debuted the song on Sunday night’s The Voice.
Will debuted the song on Sunday night’s The Voice.

In other words, Will has got his wish – proving that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Speaking to The Sun, a source shared: “After much persuading of producers, and the seal of approval from ‘Corrie’ veteran Bev Callard he wangled his way on to the set.

“It’s going to be chaos – loads of special effects on the cobbles and in the pub. will wants as much fire and explosion as the set can handle.

“They are even booting out the actors and crew early from filming so will’s 20 dancers can rehearse.

Coronation Street: GETTY
We can’t wait to see the finished result.

“It’s a complete nightmare and ‘Corrie’ producers are hoping the Street comes out of it unscathed.”

It is also believed that the 41-year-old rapper will be joined by his Voice finalists, Jason Jones, Michelle John, and Tanya Lacey for the shoot.

The news of a ‘Fiyah’ music video comes after it was revealed that Will almost exposed himself during his performance on The Voice on Sunday night.

Speaking to fans off-camera, the star reportedly told the audience: “S**t sorry my fire popped out. You would have seen my fire.

Will nearly exposed himself during his performance.
Will nearly exposed himself during his performance.

“I was running down the stairs to get here so it popped out. I needed to sort it out.”

Here’s hoping that the same mishap doesn’t happen at the Rovers Return!

Yahoo Celeb have contacted Will’s spokesperson for comment on the ‘Fiyah’ music video.

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