Will Young: ‘I Only Go To Swanky Parties For The Free Food’ - EXCLUSIVE

Will Young is pretty much a man after our own hearts; not only is he a bloomin’ fantastic singer and an all-round decent guy, he is also one of those celebs who does stardom in totally the right way:

Nabbing as much free champers and canapes as physically possible and then going to bed and watching Netflix.


After being in the industry for a whopping thirteen years, the novelty of celebrity hasn’t yet worn off, and when we caught up with Will after his new album, 85% Proof, stormed to the top of the charts, we were pleased to find that he was still as normal as ever.

Speaking about his ever-buzzing social life as the original winner of Pop Idol, Will told us: “I used to feel like I should be going out all of the time and I did go out a lot more a few years ago.

“I don’t want to hang out with a famous person who is a d*ck, if you’re a d*ck then I don’t care what you do and when I tried to be cool I was a bit unhappy, so now I just do what I want to do.

“I go to some parties and I’ll just turn up, neck the free food and then go off to the next one.

“Then I’m home watching Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix by 10pm.”

Sounds like a pretty perf night, to be honest.

And Will reckons that he has his friends to thank for how level-headed he has remained, adding: “Friends and family have helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

“I think because I went to uni I had a really good group of friends when I became famous, I was 22 when I won the show so I was young, but I had quite a life formed.

“I think that really helps and even though we are now in our mid-thirties we just turn up to things and think, ‘Brilliant, free samosa - I’ll have one of those’, it never gets old.

“Once a student, always a student.”

And while William Robert Young, the person, hasn’t changed a bit, the singer admits that over his long career he has noticed a whole lot of changes within the industry - and he ruddy loves them.

“I think social media is incredible,” he explained, “You can do so many different things and there is so much more to do than what it was, which was just radio and physical press and TV.

“In my thirteen years it really has changed and I love it; there are so many more creative avenues that I can go down, so as an artist it’s awesome.

“You can also stop stories very quickly, because you can just tweet in a second. I remember back in the old days a story would come in, a press person would ring me up and say, ‘Is this true?’, I say, ‘No it’s not’, they then go back and say…

“…Whereas now I can just tweet it and anyone can see it and it just stops the story dead. I’ve never really had sources and insiders, and I don’t read anything so I don’t know what is being said because I don’t need to read something that will tell me about myself.

“Jeremy Joseph, the rugby player, I thought that he had said something homophobic and he hadn’t, so I could just tweet an apology. Twitter just takes the fuel out of the fire.”

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Will’s newest single ‘Thank You’ is out NOW.

Check out the music video for it below: