Wine expert tries 'really, really good' bottle that 'smells and tastes like cider'

Tom Gilbey Orange Wine
-Credit: (Image: Instgram)

An unusually hued glass of wine has piqued the interest of an Instagram wine expert who was left somewhat perplexed by it.

Tom Gilbey, a wine connoisseur with a popular Instagram channel, shared a review of a fascinating bottle of 'orange wine. ' This exotic-looking tipple, which boasts a deep colour somewhere between white, red and rose, is not made from oranges as one might assume, but rather from white wine grapes with their skins left on.

Before sampling the wine, Tom poses the question: "Wine? Orange juice? What is this? " He proceeds to live taste the unusual and slightly pricey Pepin Gewurztraminer 2022, Alsace by Hopburn Black, and finds himself won over by its fruity flavour.

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In his Instagram video, Tom informs his 316,000 followers that orange wine is not produced using oranges, but white grapes, in a process similar to making red wine. "We bleed the skins, we get a bit of colour, but we also get a bit of the other stuff - a bit of tannin," he explains.

He continues to express one of his "big beefs" with orange wine, stating it "quite often smells and tastes like cider, and it's b****y expensive cider."

Clutching the £25 bottle, he comments: "I've got a Gewurztraminer with extended skin contact, and a Gewurztraminer should smell like lychees, rose petals - really exotic."

After taking a hearty sniff, Tom observes: "This has a little bit of bruised apple to it as well. I'm getting a tiny bit of cider."

After taking a generous sip for tasting, Tom declared: "I've got the ripeness, I've got the lychees, I've got the rose petals, but I've got more! I've got a bit of bitterness, I've got a bit of structure - but it's all good because it's an orange wine."

Following his initial taste, the wine connoisseur concluded that this particular bottle of orange wine is indeed, "a banger", adding "when it's good, it's really, really good."

Tom has gained popularity on social media by suggesting affordable alternatives to expensive, high-end wines. His candid reviews and humorous comparisons assist people in discovering tasty wines for any event.

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