Four arrested after gay couple beaten for refusing to kiss on London bus

The two women after the attack (Melania Geymonat)
The two women after the attack (Melania Geymonat)

Four men have been arrested after a Ryanair stewardess and her girlfriend were beaten up on a London bus gang after they refused to kiss.

Melania Geymonat, 28, and her girlfriend Chris were left bloodied and in shock after the homophobic attack by four thugs, which happened around 2.30am on May 30.

Geymonat, originally from Uruguay, may have also suffered a broken nose during the violent attack after a night out in north London.

On Friday evening, the Metropolitan Police said four males aged between 15-18 had been arrested.

Writing on Facebook, Geymonat said: “They started behaving like hooligans, demanding that we kissed so they could enjoy watching, calling us ‘lesbians’ and describing sexual positions.

"I don’t remember the whole episode, but the word 'scissors' stuck in my mind.

"In an attempt to calm things down, I started making jokes.

"I thought this might make them go away.

“Chris even pretended she was sick, but they kept on harassing us, throwing us coins and becoming more enthusiastic about it."

She said there were at least four attackers, and within seconds they were hitting her girlfriend.

Geymonat added: “I went over there only to find her face bleeding and three of them beating her up.

"The next thing I know is I'm being punched.

"I got dizzy at the sight of my blood and fell back. I don’t remember whether or not I lost consciousness.

The women were attacked on the top deck of a London bus (Photo by Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
The women were attacked on the top deck of a London bus (Photo by Manuel Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

"Suddenly the bus had stopped, the police were there and I was bleeding all over."

The attackers had British accents, apart from one who spoke Spanish, she said.

The stewardess has lived in the UK since February and had previously felt safe in the capital.

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Police said they were appealing for any witnesses and information about the attack.

In a statement released on Friday morning, the police said: “The incident happened at approximately 02:30hrs on Thursday, 30 May after the two women, both aged in their 20s, boarded a N31 bus in West Hampstead.

“As they sat on the top deck they were approached by a group of four males who began to make lewd and homophobic comments to them.

“The women were then attacked and punched several times before the males ran off the bus. A phone and bag were stolen during the assault.

“Both women were taken to hospital for treatment to facial injuries.”

Geymonat added: “We have to endure verbal harassment and chauvinist, misogynistic and homophobic violence because when you stand up for yourself s**t like this happens.

"I just hope that in June, Pride Month, stuff like this can be spoken out loudly so they stop happening!"

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact police on 101 or tweet @MetCC and quote CAD737/30May. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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