Customer labelled 'weird freak' on receipt for ordering child-sized omelette for her child

The cafe in North Yorkshire and the controversial receipt [SWNS]

A cafe in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, has been publicly shamed on social media after one customer was described as a ‘weird freak’ on their receipt.

Shocked Steve Dempster said his wife ordered a smaller portion of food for their child when she had recently dined at Weetons Cafe.

Which is certainly not the freakiest thing you could do in a cafe, and not really an action that seems deserving of the label “weird freak” – but that’s what her receipt read when she demanded it from sniggering staff.

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His wife, who did not wish to be named, said that the staff member behind the till had laughed with a colleague when she ordered a smaller omelette for her 11-month-old child.

She then received a receipt which read: ‘small egg and tomato omelette for weird freak’.

Mr Dempster was so outraged by this treatment that he posted the receipt on social media, to widespread support.

The receipt received by Steve Dempster from Weetons cafe in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. [SWNS]

Steve, a scientist from Harrogate, explained, “She ordered a breakfast for herself and a smaller omelette for our 11-month-old because he’s just started eating lots of different things.

“The girl at the till said why don’t you just order a normal omelette and she explained that he wouldn’t eat it all so could she just have a smaller portion.”

He added that because his wife used to work in the cafe, she knew that bespoke orders were put through by typing a note to the chef on the till, and became suspicious when the staff serving her started giggling as they put the order through.

“At the time I think she was being served by the cafe manager who was training up a new member of staff.

“They went to type the request in and my wife noticed that the other member of staff sniggered, so she asked for a copy of the receipt.”

“And they obviously weren’t aware this comment was included on the receipt.”

Weetons in North Yorkshire where the family received the receipt [SWNS]

Mrs Dempster confronted the staff, who told her they couldn’t give an explanation for the comment and refunded her money by way or an apology.

He said, “It’s not like she’s made some ridiculous demand, not least to say she was really upset and asked them ‘did I really deserve this treatment?’.”

“It’s utterly shocking that the cafe manager thinks they can do that in front of another member of staff and not think the customer will ever see it.”

Weetons General Manager Keren Shaw, said, “Unfortunately today one of our staff acted in an incredibly unprofessional way and we are extremely sorry.

“It is not the high level of service that we know our customers expect from us and which we expect from our staff.

“We have made a direct apology to the customer concerned and will be taking up the matter internally with the staff involved.”