Drunk woman, 56, smashed neighbours' cars with plank of wood in parking space row

Annette Kealy.  A small 'angry' woman armed herself with a piece of wood before smashing up three of her neighbours' cars in a 'revenge attack' over parking.  See SWNS story SWMDrage.  Annette Kealy of Malvern Road, Worcester told officers she had 'just had enough' when she attacked the cars, smashing the windscreen of two of the vehicles, including one belonging to an 'intimidating' neighbour 'twice her size'.  The 56-year-old admitted possession of an offensive weapon and three charges of criminal damage against cars belonging to Bruce Powell, John Spinetto and Richard Breakwell.
Annette Kealy 'smashed up' three of her neighbours' cars in a revenge attack over parking (SWNS)

A woman who "smashed up" three of her neighbours' cars in a drunken rage after a dispute about parking has been convicted of common assault and criminal damage.

Unemployed Annette Kealy, 56, had consumed wine and whisky before attacking the vehicles with a 3ft piece of wood.

She smashed two windscreens and dented the bonnet of another car. A court heard she went on the rampage on the evening of 3 February because of an ongoing argument about car parking spaces outside her home in Worcester.

Kealy admitted three charges of criminal damage and one count of common assault during a hearing at Worcester Magistrates’ Court.

She was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 in compensation to each of the three victims of the criminal damage and a £34 victim surcharge.

Kealy was also ordered to pay a further £50 in compensation to Michael Breakwell for the common assault.

Prosecutor Sumreen Afsar said: “Mr Breakwell went outside after hearing his car alarm going off and had tried to reason with the defendant.

"He told her to calm down and go back inside.

Annette Kealy was fined £200 for criminal damage and common assault at Worcester Magistrates Court (Google Street View)
Annette Kealy was fined £200 for criminal damage and common assault at Worcester Magistrates Court (Google Street View)

“He states she was continually striking his vehicle, causing damage to that vehicle and another that belonged to another resident. A third vehicle was also damaged belonging to Mr Spinetto.

“Mr Breakwell believed he was going to be assaulted but there was no actual assault.”

Afsar described the incident as “a revenge attack”, adding: "There was fear caused to Mr Breakwell. In interview she stated she just had enough and damaged the vehicles belonging to Mr Breakwell and Mr Powell and accidentally damaged the vehicle belonging to Mr Spinetto.”

The court heard Kealy attacked the cars because she believed they should have been parked in a dedicated bays and not outside the flats in Malvern Road, Worcester.

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Barry Newton, defending, said: "This is a neighbour dispute where she has had a little bit too much to drink and lost her temper and taken out her anger on inanimate objects.

"She says 'I lost my temper and smashed the cars up - it was me. I admit it. I lost it'."

Newton said that the pair had fallen out in recent months and that Kealy found Breakwell intimidating as she is "barely 5ft tall" and Breakwell is 6ft tall and of large build.

"She has found behaviour by him intimidating and somewhat worrying to her," he said in Kealy's defence.

He added that there were no allocated spaces and that Breakwell had been encouraging Spinetto to park in a bay that had been used by Kealy's partner.

In a victim personal statement Breakwell said: "I really don't want to live here anymore because of what has happened. I just want my windscreen and any damage to be paid for. I'm really concerned about what she will do in terms of repercussions.”