Woman spots 'game-changing' petrol pump button that stops fuel at exact cash limit

woman filling up at the petrol pump
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There's no denying that refuelling your car is a real heartbreaker at the moment and with prices constantly on the rise, trying to stay within a set fuel budget can prove tricky.

Even in the best circumstances, getting those digits to align just right proves to be a test, and it's not uncommon to accidentally go over your monetary limit. However, one woman has stumbled upon a "game-changing" button that ensures you fill up according to a fixed amount.

As the cost-of-living crisis persists in battering the country and as petrol prices continue to soar to record highs, every single money-saving tip is invaluable. If you often find yourself overshooting on fuel, this trick might well come in handy.

In a TikTok video that went viral, a woman divulged a little-known hack related to petrol pumps, which could save you both time and money all you have to do is press a simple button.

The 23 year old, known only as Livs and posting under the handle @livticks, expressed her astonishment at discovering a preset button when she was topping up her car, the Mirror reveals.

While filming the petrol pump, she declared: "How did I never know this existed?!" Explaining the tip, she said. "If you click this button two times ten for £20. It will stop itself at exactly £20. Wow! That's so cool."

Her clip showed the monetary value and the amount of fuel on the petrol pump display incrementing until the reading hit precisely £20, at which point it halted.

She also provided a close-up view of the preset area situated on the lower right-hand side of the pump, where five buttons corresponding to different price and litre preferences are located along with instructions on how to operate them.

Over two million people have already tuned in to watch the video, with it garnering over 164,000 likes and numerous comments heralding it as a "petrol life hack".

One stunned viewer queried: "Wait. You mean no more £20.01???" Another chimed in to report that while not every petrol station possesses this feature, for those that do, it's a true "game-changer".

A third posted: "You can also set it to stop at a certain literage too. Tesco is the only ones I know with it tho."

"Always learning," echoed another user. A surprised commenter added: "I've never seen this."

Certainly something to channel your attention towards during your next trip to the fuel station!

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