Woman's genius ice cream hack to avoid sticky fingers from melting treat

Melting ice cream cone.
Stop this from happening with one cupcake case -Credit:Getty

A woman has shared a genius hack that will help parents avoid the dreaded sticky fingers that come with eating an ice cream cone during hot weather.

As the temperatures continue to rise across the UK and we head closer to summer, people may be tempted to fill their freezer drawers with some ice cream cones and lollies.

One irritating thing that tends to happen while eating ice cream in the summer is the frozen treats melting and running down the cone onto your hand.

Kids often end up with sticky fingers and clothes, resulting in an overall mess. However, there is a way to avoid this - and all you need is a paper cupcake case.

One woman, who goes by @tiger_lee_uk on TikTok, shared the simple hack in a video on her page that garnered 13,300 views in under 24 hours.

In the video, the woman shows an ice cream cone and a packet of cupcake cases. She selects one case and folds it in half gently.

The woman then uses a pair of scissors to cut a slit in the bottom of the cupcake case that is just big enough for the cone to push into. She then grabs the cone and slides the cupcake case on it facing upwards.

This allows any drips from the ice cream cone to fall into the cupcake case instead of melting down onto your hands and creating a mess.

This hack was praised by viewers who took to the comments section to share their thanks to the woman for sharing it on TikTok.

One person wrote: "Hurry! it is melting!"

Another said: "I don't have it long enough for it to drip."

And a third added:"Great idea!"

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