Woman's genius mashed potato hack that has skin 'sliding off' without peeling

Peeling potatoes.
Peeling cooked potatoes can really make your hands sore -Credit:Getty

A woman has revealed a simple yet effective trick that will have you whipping up mashed potatoes in no time.

while mashed potatoes are one of the best dinner accompanients, prepping and peeling the spuds can be a long and laborious task,

However, there is a way to cook potatoes with the skin on and have it peel off in just seconds. One woman, who goes by the handle @charlesandallie on TikTok, shared that she was 'today years old' when she discovered this potato hack.

In the video, the woman shows an uncooked potato and says: "I saw this hack if you're boiling potatoes, just cut a line around the side of it and boil it - when you're done the skin should just peel off super easy."

She then cuts a line all the way around the width of the potato and places it in the boiling water, querying: "Let's see if this works!"

The woman grabs the potato out of the water after it has boiled and says: "A little toasty, okay, ready? You just pull it apart?"

She then pulls each side of the potato and voila - the skin slides off the inside of the potato in just a few seconds.

The woman is shocked, exclaiming: "Oh my god it actually works. First off, so hot! Second of, look at this! That is insane, do you know how long it takes to peel potatoes?"

This video garnered a whopping 28,300 views on TikTok with plenty of comments hailing its simplicity and effectiveness.

One viewer wrote: "Love when we all find these tricks, I hate peeling potatoes. I love using my potato masher/grinder to use with them."

Another said: "Her excitement for it was hilarious. Sent to my wife, let me see if mine gets excited about it."

And a third wrote: "Omg this is awesome!"

Will you give this potato peeling hack a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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