Woman's 'inspirational' tattoo mocked over awkward error as it goes viral

Woman has back tattooed
One woman's 'inspirational' tattoo has been mocked over a glaring error -Credit:(Image: Getty )

A woman's inspirational tattoo has gone viral, but not for the reasons she might have hoped.

The tattoo artist made a significant spelling mistake in the quote inked on her back – and people were left gobsmacked by it.

The inking that appeared on the woman's read: "Stay strong - no matter wath happens." The image of the error was shared on Reddit with the caption: "Wath in the wordl", leaving many users in stitches.

The unfortunate blunder has sparked much conversation online, with hundreds of people questioning how such a mistake could have been made. Some dubbed it a "weird error", while others struggled to comprehend how it happened.

One user commented: "This has to be ironic." Whole another suggested a different perspective, saying: "Hold on let me offer a different perspective. Read the message. Maybe this was intentional and a bit of humor? Those Ps are horrible tho lol."

A further Reddit user chose to believe the error was intentional, albeit foolish, while fourth person added: "Error aside, I don't see why you would tattoo the most boring, generic phrase on your body."

One final comment read: "I can't even call that a 'saying'; it's just a flat, vaguely positive statement."

The tattoo error comes after another inking blunder hit news headlines last year. A woman has spoken of her distraught after realising her tattoo was completely wrong after getting it done.

Pointing out the numbers '432' on the side of her hand, she added: "Occasionally, I’ll get questions about 432 and what it means. It literally means nothing.

"These are random numbers that were never supposed to be there. It's supposed to be: 4, 23.” She explains that the numerals are meant to represent her and her husband Zach's wedding anniversary - April, 2023. In a show of affection though, her husband got the same inked on him.